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In most of the cases, underperformance of students is attributed to the inability of schools in catering the differential needs, effectively. Coaching also teaches as per their pre-determined structure and the hectic schedules of parents in combination with aforementioned problems create unidentified learning gaps which become a stressful problem to cope with in course of time.

Protégé education is established to bridge the gap in teaching and productive learning, which is widening with time. In the large batch sizes at schools and conventional coaching, students are not getting the required attention and thorough evaluation of their performances. The age-old pedagogy in the competitive era is not only inefficient but also is making learning a burdensome thing. The same scenario is witnessed for competitive tests as well and stepping ahead for the best results we strive to provide the excellence through productive learning. Specially structured competent course for a comprehensive training is provided with flexibility to learn at one’s own pace and the preferred time. The identical test environment with the detailed assessment of the progress comes to be of great help in improving the scores.    

With a vision to transform the scenario of productive learning and helping the students and professionals to make their dreams come true, Protégé Education has been established to improve the learning and outcome. Protégé Education is on a mission to fix the loopholes in the current education system and transform the inefficient and onerous learning into productive and fun.

Special Features

For realizing the aspirations of a successful career eventually leading to good life ahead, Protégé emphasizes on gradual progress.

  • Individual Class option helps in personalized learning aiming at specific needs with the suited pace.
  • Interactive learning with timely engagements and doubt clearance on request
  • On current trends and latest syllabus, simulated test for practicing in real test environment
  • Detailed performance tracking with analyzed assessments, pointing the shortcomings and the areas to be worked on with suggestions of learning.
special features
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